About Our Store

We are a retail drop shipping company. We sell high quality beauty and wellness products at great prices. We drop ship our products all around the world. For example: Wigs, Hair weaves/extensions, Eye lashes, Make up, Clothing, Shoes, ect.

Our Client

Our client base are people(women and men) who wear make up and wigs/weaves. People who want to be glamorous.
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The clients will do business with us because we will have all of the popular beauty products on one site. They won't have to shop on multiple sites to find the hottest products. It will be a one stop shop for all of their beauty needs.

WIGS: full lace and lace front
WEAVES: weaving hair, pony tails and extensions
MAKE UP: foundation, concealer, bronzer/highlighter, eye brow/eye liner, mascara/eye lashes
CLOTHING: leggings/ yoga pants, crop tops, dresses, slacks, dress shirts, casual wear and shoes, dress shoes

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